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Monthly, a video lesson is provided as inspiration for "Ad of the Month", fun holidays to celebrate and additional game-changing tips.  

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We create relevant, engaging, and compelling video content and imagery for members to post on their social media platforms.  

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Each month, members join a call where Brad teaches new marketing concepts, answers questions, helps you navigate obstacles, and gives away gifts ONLY for this community. 

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Gain access to EPIC Dental Marketing wisdom that will transform your entire Practice. 

Brad Neman is a leader in marketing and business development for dental offices.  He understands marketing for dental offices and brings an extraordinary amount of energy, passion and creativity to the table. He understands the importance of oral-health and is thrilled to be a leader in this important space.

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Your business doesn't stop evolving, so your marketing strategy shouldn't either.  We help our clients grow their business, increase their lead quality, and create consistently successful marketing campaigns across multiple platforms.

Focus on which platforms matter most, start producing content that POPS, turn existing dental patients into ambassadors, and lots more!



Run Powerful Campaigns That Convert

The foundation of a good strategy is based on research, data, and metrics. We show you not only how to see how marketing your practice is performing and how it can improve, but also where it rests in the competitive landscape.  We provide strategy recommendations for short and long-term execution so you know exactly what you need to do to grow your business.

Learn what copy, design and user experience traits make up the most successful dental advertisements! 

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